Daily Wire's Michael Knowles: “I would probably happily burn” many books

Knowles: “There are some books that are just very wicked and bad and stupid and dangerous and obscene and appeal to prurient interest”

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Citation From the May 2, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): Conservatives need to -- we need to be less touchy over the book ban thing. Every society throughout all of history has banned books. All sorts of political communities have banned certain books. Book banning is something that happens in the Gospels -- in the Acts of the Apostles, rather. It's in the New Testament. And it's considered a good thing when, not even just book banning, book burning -- when the apostles go in and they preach the gospel, and then all the people who had been doing all sorts of witchy, bad sorcery stuff, they just burned their old sorcery books and that was good. Plato, apparently, was a proponent of book burning. You know, it's not -- I'm not saying we ought to go out and burn all the books. Okay? But some books provide no value and can actually harm people's education and they should be greatly diminished in their public prominence, certainly in elementary school libraries. But we -- this has always been the case. We've always had certain book bans in the United States. Just the law against obscenity would constitute an example of that. So it's okay. We're not libs, okay? We don't think that, you know, there's some sacred right to weird, smutty, blasphemous porn or something like that. Okay? There's no -- there's no right to that.

Someone just goes, burn your bad books, guys, says Laurel. Based, totally based and accurate. Of course. No reason to have Gender Queer in your home.


Yeah, of course it should be taken as an individual basis. There are certainly books -- there are books that I don't like that I think ought to be, not only widely available but ought to even be read. And then there are some books that are just very wicked and bad and stupid and dangerous and obscene and appeal to prurient interest. Oh yeah. That's true. And if it even got slightly chilly outside, like 59 degrees outside, I would probably happily burn them.